In addition to the fire doors and anti-smoke doors, we also distinguish from our offer the doors for special purposes-hospital doors of high quality, excellent workmanship and finishing. With capacity of 200000 doors annually, our partner “COCIF” is undoubtedly the leading company for the production of these types returns to the Italian market. Products meet the highest quality and design standards and offer 15 door collections. Thanks to investment and innovation, a whole range of veneers and dyes are available to customers, whose requirements we can jointly fulfill.

The value and mission of “COCIF” is concrete, consistent and transparent action. Customer’s priority and satisfaction, price and quality are embedded in the whole team’s awareness, and the result is products of top quality and design.

We are the exclusive agent for Macedonia on the Italian brand “COCIF” wooden interior doors, hospital doors and doors for special purposes. The renowned exporter of markets in Japan, America and Europe for the first time has brought it closer to our home buyers.